Discover Artist: Dina Renee (Most Popular Tracks)

Dina Renee has something special with her music, she has music you can relate to and feel to, I honestly adore her beautiful voice and just how talented she is at what she does, that is why I will be showcasing her most popular tracks for you to learn more about her and her music.Continue reading “Discover Artist: Dina Renee (Most Popular Tracks)”

Listen Now: Lyrah – Sorry CVS

Listening to this made me feel a groovy spirit, from what Lyrah says the song is about a criminal healthcare system and taking M&Ms from CVS, I love the beat, lyrics and just how smooth the song goes, Lyrah’s voice is very soothing in all aspects, and it definitely is a must-listen, if you areContinue reading “Listen Now: Lyrah – Sorry CVS”

Mia Gladstone’s Music Video/Single Empathy takes you on a wild adventure.

We have a recent track from Mia Gladstone called Empathy, if you love to mellow out and hear something soothing for the soul, this is that one song that will make you have positive vibes all day, Everything from the lyrics, beat and video makes a very enjoyable experience. Mia Gladstone is known for herContinue reading “Mia Gladstone’s Music Video/Single Empathy takes you on a wild adventure.”

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