Discover Artist: Leah Harris (Most Popular Tracks)

Leah Harris has one of the loveliest voices in the music business, her songs are oh sooooo jazzy, very good and soothing really touches your heart and makes you smile because she can do it all, and she’s dang good at it very much, so enjoy these quite wonderful tracks from Leah Harris as weContinue reading “Discover Artist: Leah Harris (Most Popular Tracks)”

Discover Artist: Ric Wilson (Most Popular Tracks)

Ric Wilson has always had a beautiful style of music, he has groovy tracks and nice moves, you can also find him doing many things to make a change in the community, with that being said here are his most popular tracks to know him more as an artist and get in tuned with hisContinue reading “Discover Artist: Ric Wilson (Most Popular Tracks)”

Mia Gladstone’s Music Video/Single Empathy takes you on a wild adventure.

We have a recent track from Mia Gladstone called Empathy, if you love to mellow out and hear something soothing for the soul, this is that one song that will make you have positive vibes all day, Everything from the lyrics, beat and video makes a very enjoyable experience. Mia Gladstone is known for herContinue reading “Mia Gladstone’s Music Video/Single Empathy takes you on a wild adventure.”

Music Review: GoldLink – Crew ft. Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy (Official Music Video)

Personally this song I never found interesting, it does have a good beat and vocals but other than that the music video confused me and I lost attention from there, besides that the best part about this song is the beat and vocals which is why I’m rating this song. Rating: 3/5

Music Reviews: Niki – Around

Niki’s Song around really opens to us about love, from what I heard this song was dedicated to her mother who passed away from cancer, truly sorry about your loss NIKI your mom is proud of you from above, one thing I really love about this masterpiece is NIKI’s sound and soul she puts intoContinue reading “Music Reviews: Niki – Around”

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