Listen Now: Lyrah – Sorry CVS

Listening to this made me feel a groovy spirit, from what Lyrah says the song is about a criminal healthcare system and taking M&Ms from CVS, I love the beat, lyrics and just how smooth the song goes, Lyrah’s voice is very soothing in all aspects, and it definitely is a must-listen, if you areContinue reading “Listen Now: Lyrah – Sorry CVS”

Music for the Heart: Sophia Alexa – Buried Alive

This song is truly a very emotional but well written, it makes you feel the words that talk about our life and being buried alive because life can be a hassle and carry so much on you, it really is deep and thoughtful, if you need to relieve some emotional stress and listen to somethingContinue reading “Music for the Heart: Sophia Alexa – Buried Alive”

Discover Music: Krysta Youngs – MENTAL BREAKDOWN

We’ve all had them, but this song turns from cool, calm, collected to wild and adventurous if you listen closely to the words of the song you will hear how it describes of a breakup, and it is driving the other person insane due to them not being over that person, so they are havingContinue reading “Discover Music: Krysta Youngs – MENTAL BREAKDOWN”

Let’s step back in time with a mind calming track by Sophie Meiers – Sincerely Yours

Today we are going back in time with this song that really is good on any night, the most amazing thing about this song is the singing from Sophie, the beat and just the mellowing feeling you get on the insides as you keep tuning into the song, this comes from her Candle Glow albumContinue reading “Let’s step back in time with a mind calming track by Sophie Meiers – Sincerely Yours”

Music Review: Whethan – Can’t Hide (feat. Ashe)

Not feeling in a great mood this song will cheer you up and bring a smile to your face, starting off with an upbeat beat to the song and Ashe’s lovely voice that follows you can definitely make some love that last and feel the song as it makes you get up and dance. ReallyContinue reading “Music Review: Whethan – Can’t Hide (feat. Ashe)”

Music Review: Pouya & Fat Nick – Static (Official Music Video)

Buffet Boys back with another one, Fat Nick and Pouya truly were creative with this song and music video, overall the lyrics and flow of each verse from the both of them was on point, as far as the music video goes, definitely gave me a funny, yet thrilling and somewhat creepy vibe but ayeContinue reading “Music Review: Pouya & Fat Nick – Static (Official Music Video)”

Music Review: Aminé – Compensating feat. Young Thug (Official Music Video)

Anime’s song with Young Thug is a very funny yet aesthetic video, I am going to be quite honest personally me I didn’t too much like thugs verse, but it was pretty decent, beat was pretty fire too but for me that set me off what Young Thug verse so with that being said myContinue reading “Music Review: Aminé – Compensating feat. Young Thug (Official Music Video)”

Music Review: Wale ft. Jeremih & Rick Ross – That Way (Official Video)

That Way is a flirtatious song where you want to be with a special woman, and she will miss you and be thinking about you, if you two get close. I rate this song 4 out of 5 because I feel the song could be more romantically I feel vs hypersexual. Rating 4/5

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