Music Review: Holly Humberstone – Sleep Tight

First thoughts on this song was just how it took you on a ride in the very beginning, then we enter into a car, one thing I truly love about this song is that you can relate to everything Holly is saying, you definitely miss this kind of feeling with someone, I got this feelingContinue reading “Music Review: Holly Humberstone – Sleep Tight”

Kehlani’s music video for her song melt will have your soul and heart beating with love.

Kehlani definitely shows a real love story with this video, we can all relate to this type of love, there is that special someone that makes us feel this kind of love, deeply in love to when you are around them, they make your heart melt this song comes from her album blue water road,Continue reading “Kehlani’s music video for her song melt will have your soul and heart beating with love.”

Music for the soul: Pink Sweat$- Heaven

Finally get to write about this song, 1 year ago I heard it and the first thing that I truly loved was just how deep the lyrics and meaning of the song is, this is a track that is dedicated to your significant other or person of your interest, it most definitely is one ofContinue reading “Music for the soul: Pink Sweat$- Heaven”

Music Review: Dip It Low – Christina Milian

Dip It Low is a sexy sleek song with a Peruvian type beat, that you can shake and dance to, I remember when I was younger, and I was listening to this jam, it is truly a classic and really groovy the older you get and listen to it. my rating for the song is.Continue reading “Music Review: Dip It Low – Christina Milian”

Music Review: bbno$ – jack money bean ft. yung gravy (prod. lentra)

Bbno$ and Yung Gravy coming with this hit, in which has everything from rhyming and Gravy surprises us with his Spanish skills, The best part about this song is the way they both kept flowing on their verses, and it was non-stop, the music video itself was basic, yet it stood out and played outContinue reading “Music Review: bbno$ – jack money bean ft. yung gravy (prod. lentra)”

Music Reviews: G-Eazy – Acting Up

From the Endless Summer Album acting up is the loveliest song with a great beat and voice behind it, Devon vocals stand out the most in this song and the message behind the song is the relationships between G and his love life, nonethless this song will have you swinging your car fast as youContinue reading “Music Reviews: G-Eazy – Acting Up”

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