Let’s step back in time with a mind calming track by Sophie Meiers – Sincerely Yours

Today we are going back in time with this song that really is good on any night, the most amazing thing about this song is the singing from Sophie, the beat and just the mellowing feeling you get on the insides as you keep tuning into the song, this comes from her Candle Glow albumContinue reading “Let’s step back in time with a mind calming track by Sophie Meiers – Sincerely Yours”

Music for the soul: Pink Sweat$- Heaven

Finally get to write about this song, 1 year ago I heard it and the first thing that I truly loved was just how deep the lyrics and meaning of the song is, this is a track that is dedicated to your significant other or person of your interest, it most definitely is one ofContinue reading “Music for the soul: Pink Sweat$- Heaven”

Music Rewind: Lucky Daye Roll Some Mo

Let’s unwind and roll some mo with Lucky Daye as we go back to one of his most loved tracks still to this time, if you have not heard this song you need to check it out now you will fall in love and feel the rush from a simple touch This is one ofContinue reading “Music Rewind: Lucky Daye Roll Some Mo”

Music Review: GoldLink – Crew ft. Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy (Official Music Video)

Personally this song I never found interesting, it does have a good beat and vocals but other than that the music video confused me and I lost attention from there, besides that the best part about this song is the beat and vocals which is why I’m rating this song. Rating: 3/5

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