Discover Artist: Leah Harris (Most Popular Tracks)

Leah Harris has one of the loveliest voices in the music business, her songs are oh sooooo jazzy, very good and soothing really touches your heart and makes you smile because she can do it all, and she’s dang good at it very much, so enjoy these quite wonderful tracks from Leah Harris as weContinue reading “Discover Artist: Leah Harris (Most Popular Tracks)”

Discover Artist: Dina Renee (Most Popular Tracks)

Dina Renee has something special with her music, she has music you can relate to and feel to, I honestly adore her beautiful voice and just how talented she is at what she does, that is why I will be showcasing her most popular tracks for you to learn more about her and her music.Continue reading “Discover Artist: Dina Renee (Most Popular Tracks)”

Music for the Heart: Sophia Alexa – Buried Alive

This song is truly a very emotional but well written, it makes you feel the words that talk about our life and being buried alive because life can be a hassle and carry so much on you, it really is deep and thoughtful, if you need to relieve some emotional stress and listen to somethingContinue reading “Music for the Heart: Sophia Alexa – Buried Alive”

Monxx ran it up with this fire banger, FCK IT UP.

2 years later and this song is still a fire banger with such a heavy sound, it will have your head bopping and dropping, this is one of the most anticipated tracks in my personal opinion that is very marvelous, we about to run it up, hold up let me fuck it up and sureContinue reading “Monxx ran it up with this fire banger, FCK IT UP.”

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