JLT’s track DND is relatable to men who dealt with women who have done them wrong.

This is a gold track right here, DND on my phone I definitely would rather be on my own too after a female has done me wrong and broke promises, the visuals & lyrics are so outstanding you want to listen and watch it over and over. follow JLT Instagram

Page Kennedy’s Front Page will open your eyes to the story of his life.

This track from Page Kennedy tells the story of his life from betrayal, family deaths, his career as an actor & comedian. This song really shows that page is pushing to keep rising to the top and achieve greatness despite the challenges he faces, take a listen for yourself and feel the heartfelt message ofContinue reading “Page Kennedy’s Front Page will open your eyes to the story of his life.”

Music Review: Whethan – Can’t Hide (feat. Ashe)

Not feeling in a great mood this song will cheer you up and bring a smile to your face, starting off with an upbeat beat to the song and Ashe’s lovely voice that follows you can definitely make some love that last and feel the song as it makes you get up and dance. ReallyContinue reading “Music Review: Whethan – Can’t Hide (feat. Ashe)”

Music Review: Yung Gravy – Gas Money (Official Music Video)

Gas Money has that rhythimic flow that you would expect from Yung Gravy, the music video shines a light on many aspect which the scene involves a bowling alley with old folks and you know gravy was having a good time, but nonetheless the song is fire and gravy really killed this track. Rating 4.5/5Continue reading “Music Review: Yung Gravy – Gas Money (Official Music Video)”

Music Review: Pouya & Fat Nick – Static (Official Music Video)

Buffet Boys back with another one, Fat Nick and Pouya truly were creative with this song and music video, overall the lyrics and flow of each verse from the both of them was on point, as far as the music video goes, definitely gave me a funny, yet thrilling and somewhat creepy vibe but ayeContinue reading “Music Review: Pouya & Fat Nick – Static (Official Music Video)”

Music Review: Dip It Low – Christina Milian

Dip It Low is a sexy sleek song with a Peruvian type beat, that you can shake and dance to, I remember when I was younger, and I was listening to this jam, it is truly a classic and really groovy the older you get and listen to it. my rating for the song is.Continue reading “Music Review: Dip It Low – Christina Milian”

Music Review: GoldLink – Crew ft. Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy (Official Music Video)

Personally this song I never found interesting, it does have a good beat and vocals but other than that the music video confused me and I lost attention from there, besides that the best part about this song is the beat and vocals which is why I’m rating this song. Rating: 3/5

Music Review: Aminé – Compensating feat. Young Thug (Official Music Video)

Anime’s song with Young Thug is a very funny yet aesthetic video, I am going to be quite honest personally me I didn’t too much like thugs verse, but it was pretty decent, beat was pretty fire too but for me that set me off what Young Thug verse so with that being said myContinue reading “Music Review: Aminé – Compensating feat. Young Thug (Official Music Video)”

Music Review: bbno$ – jack money bean ft. yung gravy (prod. lentra)

Bbno$ and Yung Gravy coming with this hit, in which has everything from rhyming and Gravy surprises us with his Spanish skills, The best part about this song is the way they both kept flowing on their verses, and it was non-stop, the music video itself was basic, yet it stood out and played outContinue reading “Music Review: bbno$ – jack money bean ft. yung gravy (prod. lentra)”

Music Review: Wale ft. Jeremih & Rick Ross – That Way (Official Video)

That Way is a flirtatious song where you want to be with a special woman, and she will miss you and be thinking about you, if you two get close. I rate this song 4 out of 5 because I feel the song could be more romantically I feel vs hypersexual. Rating 4/5

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