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Krysta Youngs is a songwriter & artist worth checking out, she has outstanding music & achievements (must read).

Krysta Youngs is a #1 platinum & billboard chart artist & songwriter, from creating her own projects to working with BTS she has climbed mountains many would dream of just this year alone she walked away with over 100M+ streams proudly, she has shown us that with hard work & perseverance you can accomplish the unimaginable she has been able to break records and charts as we recall her track with Rain Man Habit that got so many streams worldwide including the remix we see she has been crushing it for the past decade, Krysta has also released a music video earlier this year called Mental Breakdown which will take you on a wild journey, but it definitely is a vibe. Last month, she also released her latest music project, missing. One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see what Krysta Youngs brings us in 2023.

Personal note, I remember when Krysta was just getting her foot in the door when I wrote about her years ago, now to see how far she has come is such an honor because the development and growth not just as a songwriter but of her own crafts has been a fun thing to experience. Thank you, Krysta, for inspiring the world.



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