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Flwr Chyld put so much talent and beauty into his latest album Luv N Chaos.

We’ve seen Flwr Chyld become one of the most renown R&B artists in the game. His recent album Luv N Chaos was a diamond jewel 💎 that shined bright, there were some notable artists like Amber Navran from Moonchild, Sebastian Mikael & more that you get to hear from. it was groovy, heartwarming and fine-tuned that your own mama will love this album, my personal two favorite were Conversations with Saturn & Wreck My Life. It was honestly like I fell in love with someone which is what you can do with your significant other when you jamming to this masterpiece together. If you are in the mood to find something that will keep you in a good mood the whole day this is the album for you.

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