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List of 10 artists to listen to featuring JLT, Andrei Luca, Jessica Lynn & More

Here is the first list of unique artists from around the world with musical talent, we feature rap artist like Andrei Luca & JLT to country singers like Jessica Lynn plus more.

  1. JLT – Genie

2. Andrei Luca – 500 Reasons

3. Edwicci – Barbie

4. Jessica Lynn – Now or Never

5. Katie Welch – BLVD

6. Brandyn Burnette – Codependent

7. Alec King – Tundra

8. Herobust – Dirty Work

9. Badklaat – Get Outta Here

10. Trampa – Back 2 Me

JLT, Brandyn, Edwicci, Andrei & Alec King are lyrical talented and such an honorable mention because of their rapping skills are on point.

Jessica & Katie have some beautiful voices and definitely have music that you can feel and love.

Lastly some dubstep kings in the house Herobust, Badklaat & Trampa will have you headbanging till you fall on the floor.

So i hope you enjoyed this top 10 list stay tuned for the next one.


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