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If Summer 2K20 was a blast to be released November 13th

For all the hype and wait Dilruk De Silva releases a new single if summer 2k20 was a blast, we get to hear a very chill and satisfying vibe from Dilruk, was your summer 2k20 a blast, we’d hope it was no doubt Dilruk put in the hours and time to create this single so we present to you if Summer 2k20 was a blast by Dilruk De Silva.

Dilruk De Silva · I̾f̾ ̾s̾u̾m̾m̾e̾r̾ ̾2̾k̾2̾0̾ ̾w̾a̾s̾ ̾a̾ ̾b̾l̾a̾s̾t̾

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